Industry news

  • 1. In the machine tool industry, 85% of the machine tool transmission system uses hydraulic transmission and control. Such as grinding machine, milling machine, planer, broaching machine, press, shearing machine, and combination machine tools.


  • Glass glue gun can be divided into manual glue gun, pneumatic glue gun, electric glue gun, three types. When gluing, first press the back buckle with your thumb, pull back the steel wire with a curved hook, try to pull it in place, first put the glass glue head (with the mouth of the head), so that the front part of the glue nozzle is exposed, and then plug the whole glue in, relax the thumb part, and then squeeze it!


  • When the resistance of the filter reaches the final resistance at the rated air volume, the total mass of the dust particles contained is called the dust capacity of the filter.


  • Structure: the main use of outer frame: aluminum alloy profile, multi-layer plate frame, aluminum plate frame, galvanized steel plate frame, the use of aluminum alloy profile frame, the main production set up square shape structure.


  • Suitable for central air conditioning and central ventilation system filtration; Large air compressor filtration; Clean return air system; Pre-filtration system for medium and high efficiency filtration devices.


  • 1. Electroacoustic industry: speakers, speakers, buzzers, audio, earphones