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How often do you change the air filters and air filters?

Generally go to 4 s shops do maintenance, some teacher might give you say air conditioning filter and air filter doesn't matter, use air gun to blow up and then mount is ok, so on this? About this question, here small make up just to talk with you.

Actually, small make up feel very by spectrum, friends said as before will have to use air gun blows, it may be to upset the inside structure, one thousand filtering effect is not good for our engines have hurt, it says there's nothing wrong, of course, but this was only inferior air-conditioning filter or the air filter, in accordance with the manufacturer's standards, it inside these structures will not be because of the pressure of the air gun to blow it out.

Promotion of permeating the disorderly, save anyone, don't give up, go the whole hog!

But then again, the dirty air filter and air conditioning filter must be new filtering effect is good, do not like to air filter, if it is to belong to this kind of PM2.5, small make up recommend direct change, even if you clean up, if it is too dirty, it don't filter the air. Small make up personally, feel like air filter basically in the ten thousand - km - we should change a, but if is a dirty environment for a long time, then you do a service at the time of five thousand kilometers, can go in a completely, because the cost is not too high, and the filter we can buy a few more like air conditioning, check in can at any time, even for air-conditioning filter replacement frequency is higher than that of air filter frequency, so when you feel the car air smell or moldy, let's change the air filter can basically solve the problem.

Overall, although say is your air filter and air filter can use air gun to blow, but small make up more think this thing because the cost is not high, dirty change can directly, instead of our engine will be better.